BirdTrotter Birding Tours

You want to discover a destination and its birdlife, but you do not have the time or the desire to organize this trip. Furthermore, the other organized tours are overpriced … Do not look anymore you are in the right place!

A guarantee of the lowest prices for a quality service!

To offer such low prices (30 to 50% less than “classic tours”, we choose cheaper hotels to see hostels, we offer only one experienced guide (organizer, specialized ornithologist and driver) and we choose sites at the most accessible rates. The tours are guided in French and English (depending on the participants present).

In addition, if you are young (under 25) or student, you have a discount of 10% on all proposed destinations.

The trips are made with a maximum of ethics and respect for the wildlife. The use of playback is employed at least in order to not disturb the birds, and the guides follow at best the code of conduct of the Swiss Ornithological Institute.

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